Monday, June 8, 2015

Recent online reviews & recordings:

A nice review in Exclaim! - thanks Glen Hall!

crl-friends CD review


*@ Johnny Jackson for the inaugural 'Track Could Bend' !!

*@ Tranzac, Main Hall, No Angels Dancing:

*Gaudeamus Deconstructed Ensemble at the Music Gallery April 2014:

* Many thanks to Joe Strutt @ Mechanical Forest Sound

Here's a sweet review in Exclaim on my CD with the Bent Spoon Duo:

Bent Spoon Duo - With and Without Allison Cameron:

New CDs, Spring 2015!

I've recently completed two lengthy CD projects. Although each began in different years both were released within one week of each other. It's great to have them both out. Here are the links below:

c_RL Friends


a gossamer bit

Many thanks to Redshift Music Society for releasing A Gossamer Bit; and, The Ontario Arts Council and FACTOR for funding these recordings.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

me & Wiek Hijmans at the old array studio

The Array website has a neat video page. Interviews with composers and more.

I had forgotten about the performance I did with Wiek there many years ago.

Thanks for keeping those web links active Rick!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Allison Cameron Band CD release May 15, 2010

The Allison Cameron Band


Going is only ever from A to B.
But where are these places?

If I am going to draw a circle, I am gone before the circle is begun.
A is the moment at which any semblance of intention comes into existence, unless I am to draw the circle unintentionally.
If the circle is to be drawn unintentionally, A is the moment that the chain of events (leading to the drawing) begins.
In either case (and in every case), A can easily be shown to be the beginning of time.
I arrive at B as the pen touches the paper, to draw.
If the circle is never completed, then I was not going to draw a circle, despite the fact that I may have already reached B.
It's as if I was to go to a friend's house and being told, after knocking on the door for an hour, that she no longer lives there.
I reach the house but I am not "there".
C is the closure of the circle.
We don't go there.
Its existence or non-existence indicates whether or not we have in fact arrived at the place to which we thought we were going in the first place.

If I am going to love someone forever, then C is at the imaginary end of all future beyond the point at which my love begins.
But I am gone long before that love takes form.
And I will never know if I have actually reached my destination (except imaginarily).

If I am going to stay here, then I am gone long before I decide to stay.
If I am going to stop going places, then I am gone long before I decide to start stopping.

I hope you will enjoy the musical directions traversed on this wonderful new record by The Allison Cameron Band.
- Ryan Driver

Friday, November 20, 2009

Here's an interesting Jeanette Winterson quote:

"The media ransacks the arts, in its images, in its adverts, in its its journalist's jargon, it continually offers up faint shadows of the form and invention of real music, real paintings, real words. All of us are subject to this bombardment, which both deadens our sensibilities and makes us fear what is not instant, approachable, consumable. The solid presence of art demands from us significant effort, an anathema to popular culture."

- Jeanette Winterson, from Art Objects: Essays on Ecstasy and Effrontery.

And check out: jeanette winterson's home page !

I first came across her work via the film of one of her most famous works of fiction called: Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit.

Monday, November 16, 2009

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